Dating someone with sickle cell trait

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At the hospital, she develops further symptoms of kidney failure and bleeding lung, which requires her to have a lung transplant. After a chance conversation with Hugo, and subsequent questioning of Della, House arrives at the diagnosis of sickle cell trait.This episode marks the first time Cuddy and House go to work after getting together.

Both played defensive back for Rutgers and both were talented enough to be drafted into the NFL in 2010.You never know when it will strike and it is often difficult to get it under control. Most pain episodes do not have an obvious reason for their occurrence.But here are some possible causes and things that your child should avoid if possible: What are the particular dangers of smoking around kids with sickle cell disease?When House realizes this, he avoids Cuddy in the workplace, rather than speak to her about it.Cuddy tries unsuccessfully to appoint someone else as his supervisor, but no one is willing to take up the job.

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