Dating armand marseille dolls

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The combined firm was known as the "Vereinigte Koppelsdorf Porzellanfabrik vorm Armand Marseille and Ernst Heubach". 390 was a head mould that was fitted to a composition body; 370 had identical features but was a head and shoulders mould that fitted to a stuffed leather (kid) body. The dolls are stamped with a variety of marks that usually contain the initials A.

Armand Marseille of Sonneberg and Koppelsdorf, Thuringia, Germany was one of the worlds largest and best known bisque doll head manufacturers. Petersburg, Russia the son of an architect and immigrated to Germany with his family after 1860. Marseille interestingly did not produce the body of their dolls, but purchased those from other doll manufactures. Marseille Dolly Face doll, bisque socket head doll, various sizes from 10 - 42" tall, composition jointed body, wigged, glass eyes, open slight smiling mouth.

For what price would you sell your first doll or teddy bear?They made certain of their dolls, including the very plentiful 390 and 370 molds, for a span of over 30 years.Although they are known for some fine character dolls and some lovely lady dolls, the great majority of their dolls were dolly faced child dolls, babies and toddlers.He started producing porcelain dolls' heads in 1885, when he acquired the Liebermann & Wegescher porcelain factory in Köppelsdorf.In 1919 the firm merged with Ernst Heubach but they separated in 1932.

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