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An icon in the upper-right corner that sort of looks like the Blue Man Group appears, which takes you to the “Create Group” menu, where you can finalize it and save it for later. Chats sent to the group disappear after 24 hours, so don’t let those purposefully awkward selfies from your college buddies linger too long before opening them.We're super excited about this one: When your ears perk up at a groovy tune and you want to know the song title and artist, you no longer have to swipe through all your apps frantically looking for Shazam. When the song in question is playing, tap and hold on the screen when it’s in camera mode, and wait until a little Shazam blurb appears with all the info you need. Today, we've put a new feature onto PBE for testing.

Building against Irelia is nightmarish enough before the Devourer enchantment’s added to the mix. OIBFj Kory is able to tell his team when red buff is about to spawn and also ping dragon's timer to give his team some time to get ready.For now, we're working to implement this feature for: * Ultimate cooldowns (ALT Click) * Major items (ALT Click) * Infinity Edge * Trinity Force * Items with cooldowns! We special-cased the Jungle timer ping to not require ALT for this reason! [Bugs]( [Champions & Gameplay Feedback]( [Client & New Features Feedback]( [Site Feedback]( [General PBE Feedback]( *** [Report A Bug]( [Service Status]( Facechecking the brush is dangerous, and so is facechecking the web.Like a digital present under your cell phone tree, Snapchat just gifted us a brand-new update with a long-awaited feature: group chat!Yes, you can now snap everyone in your squad at once and maintain them as a group for future snapping. There are quite a few sweet new features bundled up with this update (spoiler: SHAZAM!

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