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In 1900, the Russian Imperial capital was among the top ten largest and most wealthiest cities on the planet.

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Such activists use public shaming campaigns to target supporters or suspected members of Russia’s LGBTQ community. Both its address and name are kept secret and those who would like to see Isaev, Russia’s top sexology expert, find out about the location of his St. For nine years, Isaev, a 60-year-old psychiatrist, led a five-member commission of doctors at St.Costs for the permits were kept at a relatively modest 10,000-15,000 rubles, or about 2-3, based on current exchange rates. It took 11 months for Isaev to find a location in St.But on July 20, 2015, Isaev, a well respected academic, was forced to resign and his commission was dissolved, pushing Russia’s trans community even further to the periphery of society. Petersburg, traditionally considered Russia’s most liberal city, that would allow such a commission to operate under its auspices.A first try employed Isaev, but declined the commission.

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