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She’s gender fluid, goes by Henri, but prefers the female pronouns.) I highly recommend getting to first name basis with your muses. Anyway, things got a little too intense for her and she just needed a breather.

I totally understand, but now she and I are back, bitches! We’re back with a vengeance, so you’ll likely see a plethora of blog entries this week. Before we even went on our vacation we had dinner with my PC person, Bethany and ate strawberries that made us cry since we hadn’t had them in so long.

It highlights the challenges Kenyan Trans people go through when they legally change their name but are unable to effect the changes on their national documents.

18 February 2016, Kenya Leone Dalziel, from Kenya, is a young Trans man, a social justice activist and a blogger.

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He is committed to improving the lives of transgender people in Africa.

In 2015, Leone received a fellowship from the Open Society Foundation, East Africa (OSEA) to be based at Iranti-org.

They have been working on them following very exciting and insightful radio training, coordinated by Iranti-org.

These stories will be uploaded every week starting from today, please check back here for more stories...

7 July 2016, Kenya A personal story of a Trans person as they navigate the legal system in Kenya in relation to name change.

It’s been a long and intense few months and I have not been in the head space to write.

My muse had run away, but now she’s back (she being my muse, Henrietta.

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